dear world wide web,

I have not blogged for 3 days! I apologize!!!

so lets kick off this blog w/ #musicmonday

this here is passion pit//take a walk


also I heard John Mayer came out with a new album & i have yet to check it out sooooo let me know if it’s worth 10 bucks… 🙂

here is my #toetappintuesday



now for #wisewednesday

If you need help, speak up.

If you can help, speak up.

Walk out what you believe in even if you aren’t a Christian or “Religious”

if you say you don’t like when people do something then don’t do that & don’t go behind their backs & criticize them.

Tonight I finally learned/understood something that I’ve been preaching & hearing for years.

If I need help & God sends me help, I need to take it even if it isn’t wrapped with a big red bow!

you hear me?


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