dear world wide web,

today is #freedomfriday

& I missed #truththursday so here it is…

truth is I believe in the starfish story.

if u haven’t heard of it….here is a brief summary:

There was a little boy at the beach. A bunch of starfish were everywhere, all washed up on the shore. An old man walked up and saw the little boy throwing them back into the ocean, one by one. When he asked why he told the old man, “Because if they stay out here, they’ll die.” the old man said, “There’s no way you can save all these star fish. Stop trying, it won’t make a difference.” The boy replied, “It made a difference to that one”

isn’t that a powerful short story?

(cheesy but for real… this story has stuck with me since i’ve heard it.)

p.s. thank you emilee for the story & to the person who told me this story thanks!

now for #freedomfriday

write what you want from God, pray pray pray for those things to take place & fast for a breakthrough…

whether it be peace, strength, finances or relationships!

pray & fast, folks. It works.


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