dear world wide web,

10. i secretly wish I didn’t know peoples motives. then again it does keep me from going down a path I have no time to go down.
Praise God.
9. i secretly strongly dislike that im controlling…no really.
8. i seperate my clicky pens from my topped pens (segreation, bro.)
7. i secretly wish someone would chop & screw hymns & make dubstep hymns.
6. i secretly wish i was tall…like 5’5-5’6.
5. i secretly wish people would stop using the term, “its cause we’re human.”
4. i hate pride, but i wear it so well :/
3. i dance when i get more than 5 views on my blog, then i realize the majority of those views were from me.
2. i laugh more by myself than with people, thats real life bro.
1. i would rather take funny pictures than serious.


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