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While listening to this song I remembered a bold statement that was said out of my mouth to some close friends last night.

“i think im gonna start hosting youth rallies again” & in my heart I said, “I’m going to host youth rallies again for Jesus.”

It’s been about a year since I hosted one. The vision is dusty like a bible in a motel 6. I’ve been praying and speaking with two anointed women of God lately whom are my faithful friends and intercessors. One of them writes to me a quote from their husband who is also an anointed man of God who is a faithful friend and intercessor… He says, “the best faith journeys are the ones we take alone.” If you read closely, in my opinion, He’s revealing that usually faith journey’s include multiple folks. When in fact that’s partially true…

I’m currently on an faith meets adventure meets real life 9-5 no church attending just daily conversations with Jesus and anointed women and men of God- journey.

I miss the fellowship that the church brings although I have to yet to put myself in that situation again. I’ve been invited plenty of times I just can’t seem to bring myself to actually going to a church service or prayer service.

Am I scared of confrontation? Am I scared that people will say… “oh lucy she was once a christian but no longer is because of her actions”

Yes, it just sounds like a bunch of condemnation which is from the devil not from God.

Yes, i know i shouldn’t listen to those thoughts or words from peeps. Although I am.

Bold Lucy is still Bold Lucy with a lot of sensitivity.

I’ve found myself listening to worship music, praying & interceding, crying & weeping for God to come into my heart & wreck my life daily.

I want to boldly love him (Jesus- not again but for the first time all over)

I want to love people & not feel like my love for them isn’t worth it.

My love for people comes from God.

My love to serve might have been taken advantage of but it was sincere & that comes from God.

So can I do it?

Can I really start doing youth rallies again?

Can I bring myself to ask for help from people?

I’m sure I can I just don’t know when.

I’m not cleaning up btw to the folks who are like, “oh but she drinks, oh but she uses profanity, oh but look at who she hangs out with.”

If you can remember when the love of Christ overtakes ones whole heart, the person wants to be consumed by Jesus’ love & nothing else.

So let the power of the love of Christ compel me.




check it out,

no one likes to be lied too but peoples feelings are hurt when they are told the truth…

So. In Honor of #truththursday

You should be truthful. Not to be rude. But to speak truth.

5 Truths for me..

1. Truth is…I do not like mornings but I miss saturday morning cartoons/breakfast with my family

2. Truth is…I am a repeater…of stories, outfits & hairstyles

3. Truth is…I believe in Blue Like Jazz; the book, the movie & even Donald Miller more than most folks.

4. Truth is…I have small love for animals… I am not a big fan but I am slowly getting to like them.

5. Truth is…I have a few projects that are all only 75% done. (my book, art, songs, etc etc)


Those are my truths…


here is #whywednesday

I asked a few folks if it is okay for folks in church leadership to drink alcoholic beverages…

here are 7 responses…

7. It’s not okay to drink cause for one your set to a higher standard and probably associate drinking with sin more times than not in the church and to be a good soul winner you have to go 2 miles from them to go one.

6. First of all, whether in leadership or not, the consumption of alcohol is not a sin. We all know that Jesus drank wine & that Paul even told Timothy to drink wine. However, I believe that if you do choose to drink alcohol it should be done with discretion and conviction. It should be done in such a way that does not cause another believer to struggle with their own conscience or to fall into sin themselves. This is especially true as a leader seeing as how your actions will more directly affect and influence those who look to you. As a leader you do have to make decisions and sacrifices that others may not. But that’s what makes you a leader, doing what is in the best interest of others rather than yourself. If you dont agree with that then your probably aren’t really a leader and I am not saying its okay to get toasted and drink everything in sight because “there’s grace,” but on the other end im not saying your going to hell if you have a drink or two. So if you decide to drink alcohol remember to do it according to your conviction & to use discretion so that your choices don’t hinder those around you. Is a drink really worth your effectiveness to share Christ? Is it worth your reputation as a minister or a leader in the church? I can tell you first hand, it is not.

5.Depends on what your leadership says, If there are guidelines then obey them if there aren’t then you are at your conviction and reputation (Romans 14) however, your role as a leader is to keep direction in focus, could drinking blur the vision for others? If so, then its not worth it.

4. It would be okay if you didn’t indulge in alcohol. Jesus drank glasses of wine. Doesn’t mean go crazy drunk but two glasses of wine wouldn’t make anyone tipsy so its fine.

3. I don’t think its okay because you being in leadership you’re an influence in other people. If their looking up to you, you don’t want to do something that you wouldn’t want them to do. Read 1 Timothy 3.

2. Yes, you can have a few drinks while your in leadership, as long as you have self control and don’t bring it into the church. even though you are a role model does not mean you have to give up past time fun with your friends.

1. Not ok, what we do reflects not only on ourselves, but also on Christians at large. what we choose to participate in or not in says a great deal about who we are and how people perceive our faith. Not a sin- if only for what will some thing. My single greatest reason for abstaining from alcohol is that it would truly lessen my leadership potential..if leadership is a measure of who is following I will do everything within my ability to become who God has called me up to be. I can make the hard choices and see the value in giving up things that may not seem to matter. The line of separation that you draw should reflect how you are marked and chosen by God.

so there you have it folks…eat the meat spit out the bones.

If you’re struggling with alcoholism & your in a leadership position; tell someone in private who is over you & pray.


ok so today i had a hard time thinking about what i was going to post for #whimsicalwednesday and i couldn’t come up with anything…so i changed it to #whywednesday & the question i’ve had on my mind all day is;

why do people leave the ministry?

as many of you know, i am 22 yrs young & have been in the ministry for 6 yrs. I’ve worked for 4 different ministries in 6 yrs. i’ve come across so many young & old folks who have also had their seasons in the full time ministry. Today i couldn’t help but ask a few friends who are in, were in, or praying about being in the full time ministry…whether it be in a local church, charity or bible school.

here are their answers…(in NO PARTICULAR ORDER)

the top 10 reasons why people leave the ministry:

10. No help.

9. No support.

8. Hurt from past leadership

7. Depression due to lack of genuine fellowship or accountability.

6. They get bored.

5. To move on with their own plans/ Priorities

4. Burnt out

3. They can’t spiritually support themselves and others.

2. They allow themselves to get overloaded and over worked and focus more on ministry then they do on their relationship with God and their family.

1. tired of being treated like hired helped instead of a minister.


so there you have it folks…of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions but this is my blog & i agree completely on every single one of these reasons why people leave the ministry.

All in all its bittersweet.


Thanks to everyone who answered this question.

P.s. I’m not leaving the ministry…I sincerely believe this blog post is for someone who needs answers… 🙂