to the internetz,



While listening to this song I remembered a bold statement that was said out of my mouth to some close friends last night.

“i think im gonna start hosting youth rallies again” & in my heart I said, “I’m going to host youth rallies again for Jesus.”

It’s been about a year since I hosted one. The vision is dusty like a bible in a motel 6. I’ve been praying and speaking with two anointed women of God lately whom are my faithful friends and intercessors. One of them writes to me a quote from their husband who is also an anointed man of God who is a faithful friend and intercessor… He says, “the best faith journeys are the ones we take alone.” If you read closely, in my opinion, He’s revealing that usually faith journey’s include multiple folks. When in fact that’s partially true…

I’m currently on an faith meets adventure meets real life 9-5 no church attending just daily conversations with Jesus and anointed women and men of God- journey.

I miss the fellowship that the church brings although I have to yet to put myself in that situation again. I’ve been invited plenty of times I just can’t seem to bring myself to actually going to a church service or prayer service.

Am I scared of confrontation? Am I scared that people will say… “oh lucy she was once a christian but no longer is because of her actions”

Yes, it just sounds like a bunch of condemnation which is from the devil not from God.

Yes, i know i shouldn’t listen to those thoughts or words from peeps. Although I am.

Bold Lucy is still Bold Lucy with a lot of sensitivity.

I’ve found myself listening to worship music, praying & interceding, crying & weeping for God to come into my heart & wreck my life daily.

I want to boldly love him (Jesus- not again but for the first time all over)

I want to love people & not feel like my love for them isn’t worth it.

My love for people comes from God.

My love to serve might have been taken advantage of but it was sincere & that comes from God.

So can I do it?

Can I really start doing youth rallies again?

Can I bring myself to ask for help from people?

I’m sure I can I just don’t know when.

I’m not cleaning up btw to the folks who are like, “oh but she drinks, oh but she uses profanity, oh but look at who she hangs out with.”

If you can remember when the love of Christ overtakes ones whole heart, the person wants to be consumed by Jesus’ love & nothing else.

So let the power of the love of Christ compel me.




dear future lucy,

you’re getting ready to start #feedbackfriday this week and you’re going over folks interviews and dude. you have some awesome acquaintances/friends. get ready dude cause you’re about to be inspired to continue to do youth rallies at parks again… maybe…. lol


dear world wide web,


I feel as though i have neglected my blog for the past few wks. sad to say but I’ve been entirely too distracted & I believe things are slowing down yet moving right along. Let me start off with


From the Jesus Party #3 to a wedding then an art sesh…Saturday was busy & I was reminded of many different avenues of ministry.

At the Jesus Party we passed a few hundred Popsicles & 2 cases of water for FREE. People tried to hand us money but we would not take it. They were seriously astonished. Some asked why are yall doing this? & our response was, “because we love Jesus & his people.” that simple. I realized this is ministry. Living my life completely real for Jesus is ministry. It ministers. Super encouraged & Thankful for my friends who came out & supported & even those who weren’t able to attend but prayed fervently for us. The next Jesus Party will be announced soon 😀


1. my name is on a website for being someones booking manager.  (at least it should be as of today lol)

2. I pull my hair up in a clip…not in public. (I’m embarrassed)

3. If I really enjoy a song, I put it on repeat & listen to it everywhere I go. (Ask those who are always with me. no joke)




God is so good.

im listening to this podcast by pastor steven furtick and my heart is melted and my eyes are crying. i am in tears.

God is so good.

He is so faithful.

this morning I prayed.

i prayed…God please be with me and show me or tell me that these Jesus parties are not going in vain or going unseen or going for no reason…and that inner city love ministries isn’t just a joke. i was discouraged…i had been discouraged about I.C.L….i haven’t put my whole heart into it and i felt so bad. its just around the corner. but. today. as i listened to this podcast called, “Jesus told me to, Jesus told me to!”

I’ve been given encouragement.

“Simple obedience that leads to supernatual miracles.”

“When I do what Jesus tells me, It will be as He told me!”

“You obey then you understand.”

if you get a chance, check it out.

praise God.

thank you Jesus.

i try too hard


I realized the other day when i posted about Blue Like Jazz that i try to hard…

like i want to be hip & sound all sophisticated but in reality

i am Lucy Jet…

i laugh at my own jokes.

im grumpy in the morning

im passionate about Jesus

i have compassion for people


frankly, i love past peoples imperfections very well.

The point is

i am Lucy Jet.

I daydream more often then i should.

I like to think I’m cool.

I just recently got broken up with which btw is the best thing for me right now.

I am all about the ministry.

I have secrets…good ones too. haha.

last summer i lost a relationship with a good gal friend & this past february i lost another one.

I can be selfish, prideful & blind at times BUT

I am always willing to shut my trap & apologize when need be.

I hate HATE HATE HATE HATE losing friends but you know what…God wouldn’t put you in a situation you couldnt handle you know?

I have my own ministry & its called Inner City Love Ministries…we host Jesus Parties & our second one is April 22nd & we will be giving away free popsicles!

i love popsicles, snow cones & kites!!! haha.

I am very very very excited!

Today, I saw this awesome video & I will try to post it here…..


Check it out!



boom, roast & Philemon 1:7!

-lucy jet.

blue like jazz, Jesus parties & snowcones.


Idk if anyone is reading this…but if you are, Thanks!

I always to try to hard when it comes to blogging which puts me in a rut…but….ive decided to just be myself…cause i am good at it.

tonight i will tell you of 3 important parts of my life & as you can see the 3 important parts are in this blog title. haha.

(so clever..i know i know lol)

1. Blue Like Jazz…

it all began in 2007, when a dear friend of mine named, Brandt Russo, told me about a book called “Blue Like Jazz” and encouraged me to read it because it would really help me understand who God is…well

it not only helped me in 2007 but it still helps me now… when i don’t know what to say to people & don’t want to come off super religious i pull out BLJ & read page 33-34…the story about the Navy Seal…

it gets me everytime. BLJ the movie is coming in April & I signed up to see the movie March 22nd & I can not wait.

If you want more info on the movie check out these links:

Blue Like Jazz Trailer

2. Inner City Love Ministries came together & hosted a Jesus Party in a local park pavilion..the weather was not so nice but over 70 folks showed up & 20 asked for prayer 🙂

3. I eat snowcones once a week to remind me that i am never to young, never to busy & that i like to keep it simple.

p.s. do don miller a solid and check out blue like jazz the movie when it comes out…and if you don’t want too then okay. 🙂