Almost Mrs. Pinkerton

I can’t believe it but I know it’s almost here…

I am almost Mrs. Pinkerton. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a name or a family or person.

As some of you know, my last name is not my biological last name. matter of fact no one really knows what it is. I always had this plan when I turned 21 I would change my biological name to something more fitting. (that never happened) Now, I get to change my last name to my best friends last name. How cool is that? How good is God? How faithful is he to me?! SOOO faithful. When I think about being Lucy Pinkerton, my eyes begin to water. my heart begins to beat faster & I get butterflies in my stomach. I love Josh, I love everything about him. I love his flaws. I love his heart. I love the way he communicates. I love the way he shows love to his friends and family. He’s my best friend & I can’t wait to be His wife.

Lucy ALMOST Pinkerton. 🙂


IMG_0056 edit


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