i think sometimes i can be a bit harsh on my blog towards my past and the people who’ve been apart of my life. i would like to apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings although there’s a saying I’ve stuck by for years & it’s this… “truth hurts, so suck it up…” The truth will set you free, it says so in the bible whether it hurts your heart or not it’s the truth. sometimes when I read back on my blogs, my own feelings get hurt by what I’ve typed about people and even situations. but it’s the truth. I would rather live open & free-minded about my life, having nothing to hide then fill my life with lies and deceit as if I am better than the next person. Here is my vow to myself though… I, Lucy, will not be moved nor changed by the thoughts of others only if it betters myself and the situation at hand. I will live day to day & not worry or fret about the future. God is for me. God is in me & when I fall He will catch me.


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