Who am I?

I am typing this on my phone while laying in my bed. I have a stained shirt on. I just killed a spider. For a week now I’ve been dancing in my sleep. Feeling restless in my skin when I arise; I can see the change in my body, I can feel the sadness in my heart to long for something greater, for something not near. The dreams I have, (because thats all I do have) when I close my eyes are more real than the air I gasp for when I awake from my slumber. More real than the blurry vision I see when the sun hits my face at the crack of dawn. Who Am I? For years, I listened to the opinion & beliefs of others so passionately that I am one of them. As much as, I would love to be different; I am. I must love the path I’ve chosen because I have been given free will. I must deal with the consequences of actions. The actions that make a pot hole in Houston bigger, like a dry sponge soaking up water…i am expanding. I must live with the expansion or take action. Who am I? I voice my speech on facebook & receive comments, messages, phone calls & judgemental remarks all from people who barely know me. You saw me pass you in a hallway & now you care? Please let me save us some time & walk away. You can pray to God to save my soul but he already has. He sees my heart. He knows my thoughts. He gets me. Who am I? God who am I?


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