it’s been a year a long long year

finish what you start

Hey People of the internetz,

I officially blogged a year straight. except for missing most of april. which is due to being extremely busy. hopefully i’ll be able to jump back on this train but as for now i must lay it down. I recently received a raise at work & have been taking care of my health & well-being. I also booked a spontaneous trip to California with a good friend in June & I’ll be heading out to Oklahoma, Austin & Louisiana in the month of May. I’ll be in New York for New Years & Hopefully in Boston for August/September. I’m excited about travelling for work and for pleasure. Josh & I have been together a strong 4 months. We’ll be hosting a party for our 6 month anniversary. It’s big deal because commitment is a big deal to me so we’re gonna celebrate being friends and loving each other unconditionally. I have a new car, new glasses, a new tattoo & my own NEW furniture. I’m also thinking about going back to school. Hopefully I’ll set up an appointment with someone at the local college next wk. Lately, I’ve been thinking about where I was a few years ago… “in the middle of a move of God” & where I am now…which is doing the complete opposite of what I’ve ever done. I am grateful for where I came from, the people I’ve encountered & the moments of vulnerability. Thankfully, God is with me & He loves me.

If you would like to keep in touch you can follow me on twitter— @hiimlucy or instagram @hiimlucyjet or facebook me!

Also, from now on I’ll be posting music videos and funny videos once a day, starting today, for the next year.

Don’t be a pee-on!

Love, Lucy Jet.


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