#feedbackfriday//andrew pena

Dear cyber space,

It’s #feedbackfriday & today’s interview is with a local talented, driven & genuine person named, Andrew Pena. He’s Elisa’s boyfriend, a full time student, musician and his favorite drink is jack & coke…the last time I checked. ;b

This is what he has to say…

What was (is*) your dream?
My dream IS to share all the wonderful manifestations that I imagine on A daily basis with the people of this planet. To bring thought provoking emotion to the masses.

Where are you?
I’m currently building my skills as an animator, story teller and going into Game art design to basically wield the ability to do any form of mass media on my own.

How did you get there?
Relentless Drive, ambition, continuity, and a dash of delusional prowess.

Who inspired you?
Great musicians that were amazing even outside of their known work, people like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio of DIO and a few movie stars that I was fortunate enough to see talk about their lives on television. Shows like In The Actors Studio with James Lipton were always on my tv as a child. Not to mention Cartoons had a huge impact on my life as well.

Why did you choose to keep on keeping on?
I simply see no reason why I can’t do what so many are already doing. I also feel inside that there is no other choice in life for me than to make others happy.

What was one thing youve had to overcome to get where you are?

Denial. There’s so much truth to the saying “Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it”, yet so many don’t actually use this method. They deny themselves the right to do more, be more, and become more. Systematically capping their amazing abilities and shunning their imagination to the 15-30 min lunches they get at work.

If it was something I ever overcame, it was at a young age and having the need to make people smile or think. I overcame the denial of “well I can never do that” to full heartedly saying, “why not, let’s go!”.

If you would like to know more about Andrew you can find him on Facebook. He’s open to answering any questions about his life.


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