Dear future lucy,

Im gonna recap your friday.
Your phone said it was 9 but it was really 8. Your car battery died so your boyfriend took you to work & picked you up. You bought a new battery, went thrift store shopping, went to dinner with boyfriend, friend & best friend/roommate, dropped off jumper cables at friends car who just so happens to work at bar/grill place.

We get to this friends bar/grill place & i have her keys put her cables in the trunk. I come back inside & she ask me for a huge favor. Mind you…I am sober, didnt plan on drinking…i just wanted to play free darts.
The favor was the take her friend home. She was drunk & talking out of her ass aka being a drunkard. Now for me ive been there, done that & its funny but cray because everything you wouldnt say sober you say drunk & youre really just all over the place.
Sometimes im at the right place, at the right time & in those moments I believe Jesus is extra close or at least noticing the fact that Im obeying what the Holy Spirit is doing, make sense?
I take this girl home in my friends car & she starts askin me questions, tellin me about her son & how she ended up drunk at the bar/grill by herself.

1st question: are you drunk?
2nd question: what kinda car is this?
3rd question: do you know where I live?
4th question: who are you again?
5th question: whatre you doing right now?
6th question: if you turn on a little light, i could find my keys. Can you turn on a little light?

This is my story on saturday & quite frankly, its funny. If youre ever in a situation & can take a drunk person home, do so. It could save their life & other peoples life.



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