Dear future lucy,

This morning you woke up with this craZzzy thought…

Im talking to myself btw. Not anyone else.

Ive been basing my decision making & actions on the bible… Well lately anyway. I started thinking too much about how i live and why i do things.
Let me tell you something. Stop that dude. It drives you wild and stresses you out. I mean, be aware of your actions but dont critique yourself as if you have no idea how to live. You have morals and you have standards, frankly not many folks do at 23 anyway. With that said, I think sometimes people think you have to live a certain way to love Jesus. Meaning, you have to go to church, you have to listen to christian music, you cant go to places where they serve alcohol, you cant smoke cigarettes, you cant watch certain movies or hang out with people who curse.
Its like a bunch of damn rules & it shouldnt be. Thats how ive been viewing it for a while now & i just realized how dumb & wrong that is.
Jesus’ unconditional love is what matters, folks. His love is what convicts us. His unconditional love died for me. He loves me with a beer in my hand. He loves me with a sailors mouth. Hes rooting for me to get back up when i fall short. He helps me grow in character, confidence & love in all areas in my life. He is the best.


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