Dear future lucy,

Do you change when youre in a different enviroment?

Do you set the atmosphere with your actions or words?

Are you bold enough to tell people how much Jesus has done for you & is still doing for you?

So many dang questions, you asked yourself.

An aquiantance posted something on fb the other day & when you read it, you had a mouth full of words. Good, bad & even words that made you sad.

You see, you attended a bible college & worked there for a few years. You grew up at this place. Literally raised there.

Now, this place had lots of rules, regulations & restrictions. You followed the majority of those rules. (you got a tattoo, which you werent suppose to get lol.) when you were at this place, you were finding yourself & making a few friends who eventually got married, had babies or are being super successful or went back to there old ways. Oh & some arent your friends at all. (happens all the time. Totes normal.)

Point is when you were there, the enviroment was totally black and white.

When you left, the enviroment changed. You eventually changed and have learned so much about yourself and the journey has been great. Youve been places you never thought you could go. Youve seen things you never thought you could see or experience. Why? Because my enviroments changed and i stepped out of my comfort zone.


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