Dear future lucy,

In the past few months, youve made lots of new friends & a few of them have mentioned how they barely know anything about you. Youve liked it that way.

Except for today. Youre getting to know someone you like & its hard to not tell them where youve come, how youve gotten here & pretty much your heart.

Why have I chosen to keep myself so boxed up/guarded?

Well in all honest you have one cop-out excuse…
you just dont have time to let someone be disappointed in you or look at/treat you differently.

Its not the people of past seasons hurt you, its just that youve seem to let them down which is why youve chosen to let the opinion of others be just that…the opinion of others.

To the friends of past & future seasons,

Ask questions w/no motives or sighs, if you chose.

To future lucy, you would rather feel emotion- good or bad then be emotionless…cause then youd be dead.


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