Dear future lucy,

You stopped worshipping God and started worshipping gods.

Dont get me wrong BUT youve set your focus on yourself not Jesus for the mere fact that you do NOT like the church (people). the things youve seen, heard & even done are already done & cant be taken back. Now, there is forgiveness but like everything else in life its a PROCESS and in that process you have to be as gentle as a newly fallen leaf. (that makes sense in my head)

You see the freedom in this is the process of forgiving & being forgiven. (#freedomfriday)

The story here is not understanding why people stand on a stage & preach their own gospel not The Gospel. (#storysaturday)

The secret is you cant stand going to church but here you are…sitting in church. You can hear clearly while you blog, which is awesome.

I hope that today youve forgiven & you understand youre forgiven.


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