Dear future lucy,

You like driving. BUT you’d rather not drive. Yesterday, you had a great hair day & you saw your first car chase. 1 young male african american against 2 older male african americans at wal mart in bellaire. It was awesome cause you were right in the middle of it. Lol. Poor kid got taken down & was arrested. At the same wal mart, 30 minutes prior, i was walking with my dad & he asked me to go check something on the other side of the mens dept so i obeyed. i noticed i was going towards the corner of the store & there were 3 male mexican americans kinda lingering behind me & watching me. As i approached the corner, i turned my head & made eye contact with these men. I say, i gave them the ‘fear of The Lord’ look…whatever look i gave them, they scattered. Very quickly. I walked back to my dad & didnt see those men anymore at all in that small wal mart.

One time i was given a word of The Lord, it was this… “people on the streets will fear you because they will see Jesus all over you…you will be shown & given favor with them all…”

My wise wednesday & truth thursday are this…

1. Find out what God has placed on your heart & cover it in prayer.

2. Get connected & let God reveal to you how, when & who to get connected too…

Oh & 3. Stay faithful. ITS HARD. BUT DO IT. The reward is much greater.

Aint nobody got time for church hoppers.


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