Dear world wide web, I started my new job thursday so i wasnt able to blog…been hecka buzzzaayyy. Anyway here is my #trackthursday

Alex Clare’s Humming Bird song. I just started listening to this album this past week. His voice reminds me of my good friend Dustin Bass. Check’em out 🙂 oh & hes music is about love, sex & having a good time so for those who arent interested in stuff like that then dont listen lol dont say i didnt warn you either lol Now for #followfriday Im excited about this one because I’m going to start using instagram users as a choice for you guys to follow. Today is Dallas Clayton. Hes an amazing artist & author.


If you have instagram, follow him! Now for #storysaturday… You guys remember when i went to Chicago & had an okay time? Well my friend thought itd be funny to post this on instagram & call Texans pushovers… Well little did he know, Texans know how to fight back….*refer to texans vs da bears football game* lol Check this out… I love my friends.

Poor guy hasnt said a word yet. Lol. If you have an instagram follow me & comment if you’d like. Instagram: @hiimlucyjet Have a great Saturday! P.s i got invited to the company Christmas party tonight so im stoked!


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