Dear world wide web,

#storysaturday comes first y’all…

This time last yr i ran the streets with some of my closest friends that ive known for a good while..
Lets call them jack & jill…

Jack, Jill & myself hung out a lot this time of yr… I have a few stories I’d like to share but I’ll only share one today which will lead into #secretsunday …

It was cold out, we went to starbucks with my dad & we all hung out & chill’d.

It was nice.

Now for #secretsunday

A few wks later after this starbucks event, i lost the friendship of Jack & Jill for reasons that don’t really matter now because they are in my life again. During the time we didn’t hang, i felt this urge to get this tattoo in honor of all my friends whom I’ve lost or drifted away , mainly Jack & Jill though.
The tattoo says, ‘this too shall pass,’ meaning this situation with relationships, people coming & going, etc, will also pass… A new season will arrive, another day will come 🙂

I love my friends…old & new 🙂


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