Dear world wide web,

Im in the midst of a faith battle. Its my own. Its the toughest battle ive ever fought so far & I must say, I need to embrace the times like these…the ones where Im hopeless because these times push me into hope. They push me into the times where everything is “good” & “right.”
You know what I mean?

Youre livin life for Jesus & all of a sudden it seems like one thing after another just keeps going wrong. Ive made it to the point where crying is pointless & all I can do is laugh about how my life isnt going the way i planned so now im waiting. Im waiting for the little beam of light inside of me to pick me back up and say some sort of encouragement. And i think im almost there. There at the place where Ive found my first love.

#forgetfulfriday – dont forget your first love.


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