dear world wide web,

guess who’s back, back, back

back again, again, again…

Lucy’s back…tell a friend, friend, friend…

Woohoo! Chicago was awesmazing!

so let me catch you guys up!


the folks I met in Chicago are way cool. They actually let me understand why my dad and my good friend from Chicago are the way they are. make sense? I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you don’t truly know someone until you visit their home…visit the ones whom they love the most…fellowship in the place where they were shaped into the person they are today. make sense? the freedom here is this… if you really want to know someone, you really care about a person…you would spend time with the ones whom they love or go to the places they love the most & i believe when you do that…that person can be themselves, open themselves up to you…and you can understand them a lot more and in that..you can be set free of thinking, “you’re the crazy one…” lol jk








while i was in Chicago, i got smiled at twice by two different ladies! it was awesome! why? because no one smiles there! lol. i mean they do but not a lot. oh and then when i was leaving a girl was really nice and talked to me! lol. i really was freaking out because the only people who talked to me were the people i was with. haha.


i love breakfast foods. eggs, french toast, waffles, bacon, hash browns…oj. yup. i love it all.


be still by the killers


p.s. here are some more pictures of Chicago!


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