dear world wide web,

I’ve neglected to blog allllll week…well since Tuesday anyway!

So here I go with #wisewednesday

for those who are dreamers &/or dream-chasers, keep chasin & keep going after your dreams!

even if you wreck two times in 3 yrs keep on going. even if someone tells you can’t skate or you should probably give up, keep skating. never ever give up. unless its illegal like planting marijuana or doing drugs…then you should give up. haha.

check it out… #truththursday

when i fell on monday night the first thing i said outloud was, “s**t!!!!!,” i didn’t scream out “Jesus!!!” and what proceed after the curse word was, “dangit lucy you broke your arm!!! what an idiot!!! you shouldve worn your gear!!!!” and thennnnn when i got in my car, i was in so much pain that I decided to get myself worked up, meaning i started crying heavily and beating myself up with words.. AND then i called my mentor, Deb, & cried/told her while sobbing that i broke my arm skating in a garage by myself and asked her to pray…and soooo after i got off the phone with her THATS when I began to pray and speak in tongues and pray and cry out, “Jesus please take this pain away please please please!” NOW, the truth here is…I didn’t call on Jesus at first BUT HE STILL HEARD MY CRY & HEALED ME & SHOWED ME FAVOR. How? I believe things would’ve been a lot worst if I was by myself through this whole process. lol. seriously. I was weaker than a peg-legged midget without furniture reaching for a box of cheez-its on the top shelf & I am still recovering, I’m just sayin…I’ve been blessed with the best of friends and family (also i have nothing against midgets, people with peg-legs or cheez-its.)



if you haven’t taken the time to check out http://www.wear-love.com please do!

and donate and pray for us!


Dr. M said to Lucy, “so is this your first time skateboarding? cause you’re 23…”

LOL how jacked up…haha. then again I do NOT fall gracefully EVER!

in fact, deborah said shes gonna teach me how to fall correctly…did you know there is a right and wrong way to fall and I apparently can only fall wrong? lol. yup. true story. hahaaha.

Thanks for catching up with me!



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