a girl & her board..

so I’ve decided to start checkin out new boards and gear and stuff. I really want to be as good as the gals who do comps. Why? because I am capable to do so. plus, not many girls skate and do comps & such.

So check it out…I’ve read this article a few times now and Its helping me decide what kinda board i might want to purchase and start building and stuff..



the board that i currently have is similar to a lush elevator series board which is technically a downhill-er type of board. I’m looking for a more…free-rider though sooooo I found this board company called “Jet”

isn’t that awesome? that’s totally my fake middle name! haha

I’ve been checking out the transporter 39.3 (which idk what the 39.3 stands for) but that’s the one i’ve been looking at…and i’m mainly typing this out so i can remember what I’ve been looking at and comparing. lol.

anddd i’ve been checking out lush longboards…the symbian one with the keyboard lookin design on the bottom…anyway if you have any suggestions please feel free to get at me…also ill be adding to this blog later on with further details on the dressing of the board…aka the trucks, bearings, wheels 😀


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