dear world wide web,

I’m typing with both hands. this is awesome. SO before i get started with my #tellemtuesday

let me get atcha with #musicmonday

now for my #tellemtuesday

for the past two days i’ve endured the craziest of events.

broken toe nail, flat tire & a trip to the er.

I’m really not sure why this happened all at once but I do know it’s been fun and stretching.

to give you the 411 on what’s happened here’s my facebook status from sunday:

My Sunday: I woke up late, but in a excellent mood, showered, one of my toe nails broke off, my knee was in a lot of pain, went to church, didn’t understand the guest minister at the moment, came home, waited an hour to eat, ate, went to pick up the girls, went to ulta to get a hair fix, too long of a wait, left, went to the donation center, realized some clothes that weren’t suppose to be donated

 were donated, picked up penny from work, came home, chilled, dropped off the girls, drove to a friends house, went to a bday party, ran into a bed, broke my favorite shoe, cut & bruised the top of my foot, hit a bump in the road, got a flat, waited for my brother to help me change it, found out my spare was ripped, drove home and now i am here. exhausted and have to get a new tire in the a.m. Praise God. I am bruised, but I am still redeemed. punk devil.
now for my monday update:
woke up, went to discount tire, came home, poured cereal, no milk, put the cup of dry cereal on my car and it flew off. So i decided to skate around the neighborhood to blow off some steam. went to work. after work picked up my friend, went on a motorcycle ride, had dinner, went to sylvan beach to skate, dropped my friend off and as I was leaving I remembered this 4 level garage just around the corner…so i went to check it out and decided i could totally do this its a small garage right? well. dumb ol’ lucy didn’t put gear on. and i didn’t examine the place carefully. so i decided to skate from the second level and when i did there were speed bumps and a tight place to get around if that makes sense. so i decided to just stop the board and when i did my arm flew out of socket and i scraped my elbow up pretty bad. i popped it back in socket, cried and went to the E.R. When we got to the E.R. it was 10:25 pm and when we got home it was 5:25. So you do the math 0n how long we were there. It was intense but nothings broken! Praise God! I just have a sprained shoulder, harsh road rash on my elbow and a busted up knee and leg. oh and some cuts and bruises on my head/eyebrow area. I’m severely sore but none the less, alive and well.
Note to self: when longboarding ALWAYS WEAR GEAR and NEVER skate alone. Have I learned my lesson? yes yes i have. now to just heal up and do it again. ;D

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