dear world wide web,


it’s been 3 days since I’ve last blogged & I apologize. Life has been cray cray & I’ve taken the wkend off & have placed my keys in a secret place so I can stay home. Not only have I taken the wkend off but I’m fighting off sickness so I feel slothful ha.


lets start this blogggg with #truththursday

what happened thursday?

I worked. 4 jobs.

being a taxi driver at 7 am. doing production stuff at 8:45. watching Aria at 12:45. doing a sound check at 4.

truth is… I stay busy because I can’t say no.

& if I do say no, something else pops up. SO I’ve decided to stay off social media (not including my blog) and not make plans for anything.

I’ll be slimming down on stuff a lot so that leaves y’all with this.

#truththursday, just say no.

now for #followfriday

5. @StageRear

4. @The_Patient

3. @JohnHWBaker

2. @JamiDavid

1. http://bettyrosetattoos.com/



went to the mall on tuesday and this guy and girl came out of the FAMILY restroom at the same time…




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