dear world wide web,

it’s that time again…where i am truthful on a thursday…haha that sounds like I’m lying everyday except thursday… haha which isn’t true unless its about relationships… lol you know, when people bring up marriage, dating, crap crap crap i mean etc etc, we all secretly desire that

finn & princess bubblegum relationship (where like finn loves pb but pb is just a tease :/)

…or is it zooey deschanel & joseph gordan-levitt? (hopeless fricken romantics)

or hank & peggy hill?! (true texan love brah)

ooooohh what about that titatnic film or twilight or uhhhhhhhhhh da notebook?! haha ok ok i’m taking this tooooo far!

so lets snapback here… haha (get it? snap back) jk jk jk. okay so truthfully for me.

When people bring up marriage and dating, my outward expression is always, “oh yea in like 10 yrs i could see myself getting married” or “no way dude. not for me. not right now. not tomorrow. or next week.” OR “i throw every guy in the friend zone because frankly they don’t line up with my list.”

isn’t that harsh? it’s truth but harsh. ha. anyway that’s my outward expression although my inward expression is usually, jumping for joy because i know one day there’s gonna be this awesome, radical, knar bro that will love Jesus more than me and want to be my Hank Hill or Finn. & by Hank Hill & Finn, i mean like my boo, my Jesus lovin man, my main squeeze, deal? lol.

so there you have it… my #truththursday

also, please don’t judge me or mistake this as a “hook me up with your bro dude from your church” or a “cry for help.”

I very well mean it when I say I throw guys in the friendzone. lol.


Thanks for reading!


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