Dear world wide web,

Oops! I forgot to mention i was taking the wkend off from bloggin but Im back!!!

Check it out!

Last wkend, i had one of my harbor girls stay with me & it was awesome! When i introduced her to my blood family & church family, i got a lot of comments like, “oh lucy, you better be responsible!” or “this is a big responsiblity, lucy, dont play around.” well they said those things in front of my harbor girl & we both laughed. Later my harbor girl said to me, “lucy, people act like you arent responsible! You are second most responsible 23 yr old ive ever met!” LOL


holla holla holla this spotlight sunday goes to @AwakenNation

check’em out on Twitter & stay updated especially if you live in the Houston-e area. Seriously you guys want to get connected to this ministry.

Here’s a short clip of what @AwakenNation is about…


last but not least, my #musicmonday choice!


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