dear world wide web,

have you ever stepped back & looked at everything you have going on in your life & ask yourself, “how did I get here?”

i’m asking myself that tonight. how the flip did i get where i am. i feel like i blinked and my life was carried away.

(no i am not about to breakdown) (maybe just a little lol)

#truththursday is this…

life is hitting you, it’s hitting me & it’s gonna be okay… i’m gonna be okay.

I’ve been so hectic this past week & It’s only gonna get more crazy…in a good way (I’m gonna be okay)

From resigning as a lunch lady, to training to be a designer, to standing next to a coffee breathed man in a sound booth, to sharing my heart to 10 little gals. I’m gonna be okay.

I was texting my friend about how crazy things are going in my life right now and realized as i was typing the text out, i did this to myself. not as a punishment but this is what it’s like, for me in this season, when I said, Jesus have every single second in my life. let it glorify you. let my life be saturated in everything YOU want ME to do. (i’m not perfect btw)

If this is what surrender feels like, then shoot dude, it’s an honor. it’s an awesome feeling.



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