dear world wide web,

tonight’s post is written by a friend… I will not mention this persons name just know that this is a timely word for me and I hope for you.


I like idioms.

Have you ever heard the idiom, Let sleeping dogs lie?

Wikipedia says it means…

 To leave things as they are, especially, to avoid restarting or rekindling an old argument; to leave disagreements in the past.

When I was about 7 years old I remember becoming very familiar with this term in the literal sense.

One day I was at my uncles house throwing around a baseball. He owned two 100+ pound Rottweiler’s and one of them was sleeping under the truck my baseball just happened to roll under.

So I went to get it…duh. As I approached the ball, AKJS;LKDJ;FLKJIE!!!!!!!

-All I know is this huge dog tried to take a bite out of my arm and I didn’t care if I ever got that ball back!

Lately this idiom is coming back to me, in the figurative sense. And it is something Holy Spirit is reminding me to do, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

You know when….

 You know that you know that you are right about something and you just want to point it out that you know that you are?

 Let sleeping dogs lie.

 You know when….

 Someone says something that bothers you but it doesn’t bother them and you want it to? 

 If it is not benefitting anyone but you, let sleeping dogs lie.

We all want so bad to be justified and declared “right” on the surface, by people.

It reminds me of Job…..in the bible.

Job basically gives God (and his friends) a list of all the reasons why he is right in chapters 3-31, and then God responds in 38-40 with His goodness. And in the light of God’s goodness Job has to “put his hand over his mouth” in chapter 40!!

 Leave it alone.

God is working in everyone’s life and He knows what He is doing 100% of the time. -Even if we are unaware of it.

We have got to remember when things like this happen it is a chance for faith to be perfected.

Any opposition against the spirit of God in you is an opportunity for God to be glorified and your faith to be strengthened.

James 1 says to count these things JOY because it develops perseverance, not perseverance for our need to be approved by men to be satisfied, but perseverance for FAITH in God!

(*Notice when Job testifies about his righteousness it is in front of his friends*)

 God is our approval. Not any human being. No one can satisfy our hearts like God. And He is pleased with us because He is pleased with Jesus in us! Heck, even before that according to Romans 5:8.


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