dear world wide web,

i have exactly 9 minutes to write this until it is #followfriday!!!

so. i must type fast…here I go…

this is my #truththursday to the folks most concerned about where I am on Wednesday & Sunday this is for y’all!

Truth is… I’ve missed 3 wednesday’s & 2 sunday’s of church. I, for the time being, have been doing a bible study with my harbor girls & It’s been great. God is faithful and moving in these girls lives. Its an honor to be with them every wednesday. As far as missing church on sunday… I took a mini vacation with my skater girls. We skated, filmed, talked about Jesus & shopped! The other sunday I missed, i spent it driving back from Victoria! I had a wedding in Sinton so yea. I kinda FEEL silly typing this out BUT since so many are concerned, I thought since I blog about my life anyway…why not put the reason why I haven’t been to church in a 3 wks out there. 🙂

I love my church. I love my pastors & no one & nothing is going to change that. so booyah. get outta my face! ha. jk jk. see ya sunday!

p.s. i am a skater girl, i said see you later boy, he wasn’t good enough for her…. dang. that’s deep. >.<


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