open book.

I’m an open book.

I started this blog months ago & I did it for myself.

I wanted to remember how far God brought me via blog over the past few months & let me tell you.

He’s brought me really really far. So far, that even the people I was once close to years ago, can’t recognize me.

Good thing? Yes, absolutely.

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been offensive, I’ve been offended BUT at the end of the day, I could not & can’t stop loving the people who have seen me make mistakes, say offensive things or be offended.

Last night(saturday, Sept. 8th), a dear friend was sharing with me her experience in India. The stories she told were filled with compassion. One story imparticular moved my heart to tears. you see, in india they have leper colonies still. where folks who have leprosy live together since they were shunned/kicked out/thrown out of their villages. she said, the main focus was to show affection to these folks because they are NEVER shown affection…like physical touch (high five, handshake, side hug, pat on the back etc etc.) well my friend got the privilege to give her testimony & after she did, this old lady who sat next to her put her hand on my friends thigh and patted it. my friend then held her hand & they shared a sweet, pure, love for each other. 

when she told me this, i began to cry. my friend was saying how they both didn’t understand each other at all yet they had this love for each other. you see folks… it doesn’t matter if you can’t speak the same language or if you don’t look the same cause love can and will overpower any obstacle. i challenge you to love. love yourself and love everyone.


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