dear world wide web,

I haven’t blogged since Tuesday! So here I go…
This is the recap of my #wisewednesday, #truththursday & #freedomfriday


So. Remember when I told y’all to pray for my dear family friend, Ellis?
Well. He passed away on Monday morning & I’m pretty sure He asked Christ into his heart when he was a kid
BUT I don’t believe he & Christ were like bros, ya know?
Can I say that?
Point is, Sunday afternoon I went to pray for him & his family.
well…the daughters were kinda super skeptical because
they didn’t know their dad had helped me go to TBI (texas bible institute) so when I told them they were upset
because their dad, Ellis, was super secretive & then they shared their 2 cents about it…
It made me think… alot… how many secrets do you have? are you so “mysterious” that your own family don’t know what you do on a regular basis? or have you put up so many walls that you don’t let anyone in? make sense?
my #wisewednesday tip is this… share your story…be embarassed…tell people before you die, that you lived & maybe they’ll share your story.

R.I.P. Ellis Morris ❤


If I think a guy is flirting, I will ask him. Usually, He says no & doesn’t talk to me like he used to. I asked a guy friend about this
& He said i shouldn’t be so upfront.


The other day, when i had my whole little revelation about secrets i texted my homegirl & shared alittle bit about it, then proceeded
with a secret only one other person knew about. she texted me & said, “girl don’t be embarassed!” & i literally felt accepted and
not embarassed at all! it was awesome!

you should try it! 🙂


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