Dear world wide web,

It’s the 2nd day of September & all I can sing is wake me up when September ends by Green Day. Old school jams right there. Haha.

A few months ago, I receieved this word of prophecy about the month of September…
Since then, Ive done my part in the natural & have obeyed The Holy Spirit completely (i believe.) Ive had a huge expectation for this month & i know God will do more miracles, signs & wonders in my life.

Currently, I’m believing God’s will be done over a family friend. The doctors have told him he only has 2 weeks to live. He doesnt remember faces as of right now. So if you can stand with me, for Ellis. Please do.

My #secretsunday is this…
I’m cranky when I’m sleepy…like for real.
Total 2 yr old. LOL. Jk its not that bad.


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