Sidenote Deux.

so i started my lunch lady status this past week & it has been an adventure filled with hair nets, drunken stories, cussin & BAKED BEANS!

everytime I tell someone I’m a lunch lady they do a double take & give me the crazy eyes….and proceed to ask questions like… why? where? do you even know how to cook? LOL

it’s awesome!

this blog is specifically for those with questions about me choosing to be a lunch lady!


1. no one my age is a lunch lady…at least no one i know 🙂

2. it’s a different place to love people, unconditionally.

3. My Mom was one 🙂

4. to give the Harbor kids & the kids from my church a different perspective…you can love Jesus & not work at a church.

5. I love Jesus & want him to use me. Although i do not understand completely why I signed up to be a lunch lady I do know that He trust me enough to be surrounded with the Lunch ladies I work with.



do i even know how to cook?

no not at all lol but they’re teaching me their ways so its all good!

& last but least…

do I have to wear a hair net?

YES YES YES I DO! Do i love it? no not at all hahahahahaha


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