When i was a senior in highschool i broke up a friendship with my best friend at the time. She was rubbing off on me & i wasnt okay with it. I didnt want to go back to my old ways & i felt if i continued to hang with her i would. So she blamed it on God & embarassed me…big time. To the point that i didnt even attend my prom. Several years later now & in recent events, ive had to step down merely because The Holy Spirit said too. Its not because something was wrong, i lost my “passion” nor was it because i was “tired.” The Holy Spirit said to step down & i obeyed. Thats enough for me to obey although for others they need to know why, how & what im gonna do now…
& i leave you with this…
(this is the exciting part)
You get to see the big picture unfold in my life…what a testimony. You get to be apart of walking by faith!!! That in itself is huge! Anytime someone makes a decision to move forward in Christ anywhere, is a huge factor & i would be honored to witness that if i were you.

Think about it like this when someone gets married, you go to a wedding & give them gifts & say congrats! When u find out ur good friend is prego, you go to a baby shower & give them gifts & say congrats!
Well when the Holy Spirit gives someone a word, you go to them encourage/pray for them & say do it big!

So with that said….
Encourage folks & Do it Big for Jesus!


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