dear world wide web,

I jumped on the breaking bad train today…

I asked google a question & it couldn’t answer it so I had to get on “askjeeves.com”

it was weird…i felt weird…

I keep listening to Jenny & Tyler’s album “Live at Studio A” & my flesh wants to fall in love & be all cute & stuff with a guy but my spirit is like “gay” lol… i should stop listening to them…as i type this….

Dating rules from my future self is on again & new girl comes on in a few wks!

I’m going to dallas next wkend! to visit friends and hopefully i’ll be able to see my sister!

I start training at LPISD as a sub cafeteria monitor next week…yes, you heard right…I’m gonna be a SUB CAFETERIA LADY! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT!? I SEE YOUR JUDGMENTAL LOOKS AND SMIRKS! lol.

frankly, it was a dream of mine…my mom used to be cafeteria lady, i loved it. i thought she was the coolest lady ever. i mean she still is…but now i get to be a cafeteria lady too…just as a temp…but still… i get to see the kids from my church, the harbor & meet old ladies who can share their cafeteria lady stories teehee!

I am so stoked!

Embrace everyone, everything  everywhere you go!

#truththursday folkz


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