dear world wide web,

I GET IT! for girls, ladies, gals whom are single… I get it…

dude. you know when you see a cute couple & you think. “man i wish i had that.” and then you try your hardest to get that and when you get it, ur like wtheal? this is not what i wanted. this guy is annoyinnnnggggg & has no personality. well. heres da deal.

this is my “pep talk” to da single ladies for my #wisewednesday

1. girl, stay faithful to Jesus & if you don’t have Jesus get’em cuz He’s all u need.

2. lady, as much as you want ur husband to “find” you, he wants to find you too. go where God takes you & stay there.

3. gal, work on yourself as much as you can & check off as many things on your bucket list!


& last but not least

5. cover yourself in prayer. 🙂


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