Dear world wide web,

This is going to be an awkward but straight from heart type of blog. I’ll start off with my #followfriday’s though…

#followfriday goes to…

3. @EdwinCov

2. @Relevantpodcast

1. @JohnTesh

now for #storysaturday

In the Bible it talks about having a pure heart & to those who have a pure heart all things are pure…whatever whatever right?

well it’s that time again…to be reminded of that daily, for myself anyway…

Sometimes you get so caught up with people and organizations that you forget…people are people and they will let you down and I will let you down. trust me…I’m good at it. ha. (first nature…you get it?)

anyway…my story is this…

don’t sweat what seems huge right now because tomorrow will be a better day. keep your heart pure unto God, do all things to please him & He will take care of you…no matter what.

Idk if that made sense but if it didn’t then meh. figure it out ;D



2 thoughts on “#storysaturday

  1. I agree with you, I can think of many MANY different things that seemed like the biggest obstacles/problems when they were happening, but looking back, I realized that we, as people, move on from them whether we notice or not.

    Well said 🙂


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