Dear world wide web,

Alright check this out…i went to lifeway today & purchased an item for my church & then purchased seperate items for friends. My church has an account there & well…I never shop there & didnt realize it till then…
Old lady: can I have your number?
Me: yea..i guess
Old Lady: oh your not in our system…is this your first time shopping here?(looks at my tattoos)
Me: uh yea i guess it is.
Old lady: so youve never shopped here personally?..would u like to sign up to get coupons?
Me: yea no. I dont shop here. I dont ever need too. And yea i guess i have too.
Ahhahahahah this is real life folks. This really happened. Hahahahaha
My first time personal purchase at lifeway was today LOL. Praise God. #sillystorysaturday


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