dear world wide web,

I’ve been in routine with “dear world wide web” & i like it!

This is my update for #truththursday

3. If u & ur significant other break up & get back together…ur only fooling yourselves… suck it up & get over each other.

2. I listen to Demi Lovato… actually I bought a few of her albums last wk & I have a playlist full of her stuff. ._.

1. I wouldn’t give advice about stuff if I hadn’t gone through that stuff… I’m not talking out of my butt, I’m talking from experience.


Growing up when I would attend a church service, I always thought people who went to church had a certain routine (which they did) & that you had to be a certain way in order to be apart or much less call yourself a Christian…

like there was no longer any grace to mess up around them or have them find out what you’ve done. Make sense?

I grew up thinking that until I was 16 & received the baptism of The Holy Spirit…THEN I found out about unconditional love, Jesus loved me either way…with a haircut, with a mohawk, with beach blonde hair, with a past of a mouth that cussed like a sailor… He loved me & He still loves me.

the freedom part of this is…when you realize God is for you before the storm, during the storm & after the storm…there is no need to impress people. make sense?

Hope so! Be free & faithful, my friends!



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