gut wrench love.

Yesterday I realized I’m afraid of talking to someone who once broke my heart. (no, it’s not a guy)

I grew frantic when I was asked if i wanted to speak to them & I quickly hung up by giving excuses.

It’s been a yr & 7 months since I’ve spoken to them & I’m really not sure when I’ll have enough courage to speak to them again. Point is, you know that feeling of having ur heart broken?

Like someone has ripped it out & spat on it then threw it on the ground & told you, you’ll never have that love again?

yea, that gut wrenching love…

I’ve felt that way twice & the 1st time it took me 3 yrs to get over it/the person & I still don’t talk to the person or see them (so that helped)

so my reasoning for blogging about this is…

I always wondered if anyone else felt the same way & How you got over it…

(You don’t have to tell me but I would appreciate it.)

I remember that feeling as if it were just yesterday & I hated it & never wanted to feel that way again.

So help me out!


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