dear world wide web,

here’s my #freedomfriday,

“The prayers of the righteous availeth much”

I’ve heard this multiple times this week as friends from all over town had texted/called me to tell me about how their prayers were answered & thanked me for standing with them.

This week has been incredible & very timely. I can honestly say I’ve seen about 3-5 miracles a day happen in the past 5 days in my life. If you would like to know some of them you can comment & ask or facebook me!

The point is, when you continue to put ALL of your trust in God & put him first above all, HE WILL COME THROUGH FOR YOU! Maybe not right then or tomorrow but HE WILL! That is a promise! He is faithful to complete what HE has started in you! When you grasp that, when you take that word for yourself & apply it to your life, you will be free. free from contemplating, free from doubting God & free from peoples opinions. Yes, you will fall & sometimes you will fall hard but GOD! Put Him first & I can promise you HE WILL COME THROUGH FOR YOU! so be free. be free & live in joy!


Sidenote: I don’t share alot of my life on the world wide web even though I blog daily, tweet & facebook; I still don’t share what I do every minute & second of the day. some people don’t even know who I’m in contact with daily…even those closest to me.

So with that on the table. Last night, I picked up my Harbor girls & brought them to Cafe Live. On our way to the cafe, I asked the girls to tell me 3 things about themselves & how faithful is God to put 3 girls in my life that are SO similar to me! Seriously. Everything they said pretty much lined up with who I am! It’s so cool!!! The oldest has this uncontrollable laugh & it’s LOUD & she laughs at EVERYTHING!!! The Twins love music, drawing, people & they both think they aren’t normal!!! HAHA!

i love them.

If your interested in volunteering at The Harbor please please please do so! These kiddos need your love, support & time!

Happy Saturday!



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