Dear world wide web,

I need to recap with yall about #tattootuesday, #whywednesday & then I’ll hit yall w/ #truththursday!

#tattootuesday.. this is my first color tattoo ^_^

my first color

this is little guy is my “spirit man”… growing up I always wanted to be an evangelist & now, by faith, I am walking out that calling. I actually doodled this little guy & asked my friend for guidance then I got it tattooed. 🙂


The other day I was having lunch with a very important person in the ministry I work for & she asked me to explain what each one of my tattoo’s meant. So as I explained to her what they meant & why I got them. So here’s the basic reason why I get tattoos. (so might think this is stupid b/c I’m explaining myself but really. everyone has their own reason & mine is…)

when I was around 10 or 11 yrs old I went to Discovery Camp & saw this man with tattooed sleeves & I was in AWE! I went up to this man, not knowing He would later on be in my life still, & said, “wow I want to have tattoos like you” & he responded w/ “well wait until your older & know better.”

Well, Here I am 23 w/only 8 tattoos & I believe I know better ;D.

At 16 I started drawing out my ideas & when I attended Texas Bible Institute, I had a specific tattoo rhema journal & I’ve gotten 3 out of the many drawings from that rhema journal, tattooed on myself.

So thats my #whywednesday!


I don’t mind mornings anymore as long as they are quite & have food.

that’s all folks!



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