dear world wide web,


I feel as though i have neglected my blog for the past few wks. sad to say but I’ve been entirely too distracted & I believe things are slowing down yet moving right along. Let me start off with


From the Jesus Party #3 to a wedding then an art sesh…Saturday was busy & I was reminded of many different avenues of ministry.

At the Jesus Party we passed a few hundred Popsicles & 2 cases of water for FREE. People tried to hand us money but we would not take it. They were seriously astonished. Some asked why are yall doing this? & our response was, “because we love Jesus & his people.” that simple. I realized this is ministry. Living my life completely real for Jesus is ministry. It ministers. Super encouraged & Thankful for my friends who came out & supported & even those who weren’t able to attend but prayed fervently for us. The next Jesus Party will be announced soon 😀


1. my name is on a website for being someones booking manager.  (at least it should be as of today lol)

2. I pull my hair up in a clip…not in public. (I’m embarrassed)

3. If I really enjoy a song, I put it on repeat & listen to it everywhere I go. (Ask those who are always with me. no joke)




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