dear world wide web,


sometimes as a young adult I forget, God literally just wants me . the naked me. (can I say that?)

all of me…He wants me when I stutter, when I laugh, when I’m cranky…He just wants me.

He wants me when I make no sense, He wants me when I act like I’m a kid.

In reality, we are all just kids…His kids… check out these writings from some kids…

sometimes child-like faith is all we need.



this week has been so weird & long.

also, I think I’m addicted to reading… I have 5 books that I am currently reading & just received 2 more today.


theres this song I’ve had on repeat for a few days now…it’s called “Tendons (The Release)” by Bellarive..

tendons (the release)

in this song they have a spoken word part at the end & he says, “who am I to receive this grace like rain?”

& when I heard this… my jaw dropped & my heart just settled on this…it’s been like this for a few days now… I’ve also been listening to Keith Moore’s sermon called Humility & he talks about the grace we’ve been given but have not Thank’d God for. like the gift to write blogs everyday or smile…it takes grace for those things to happen. well. in my head. so here’s point of freedom friday…

today Thank God for grace. the grace it takes to communicate with people, the grace to drive a vehicle…etc etc when you realize it takes grace to live your life to the fullest, you can receive more grace. make sense?

hope so!



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