Wreck This Journal

Dear world wide web,

Yesterday, my friend-Casey, bought us these journals called, “Wreck This Journal.”

This journal has many task from showering with this book, to having random folks draw in it & even taking the book for a walk…as if it were a dog…

so yesterday…at 6 pm we started this journey….called, “wreck this journal.”

Here are some pictures 😀

Image we had to eat that page..Imagewe made a funnel cup with that page…ImageImage(below) we played mini golf…ImageImageImagewe had to bang our books around outside on the porch lolImageImageImageImageImagewe had to put our dinner on this page…ImageImageImageImageImageImagewe made paper airplanes with this page…casey decided to draw snakes on the plane…lolImageImagewe took our books for a drive…in the rain…in the neighborhood/deer park/laporte/pasadena lolImageImageImageImageImageImagecasey’s walking our books into michaels…we picked up some canvas, paint & a ink pad. Imagewe got people to draw in our books ^_^


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