Dear World Wide Web,

Before I get started with #secretsunday I gotta catch up with #storysaturday

So heres the #storysaturday… Of girl named lucy doo da doo dee doo. (lol)

I went rollerskating on friday night with a close gal friend & it was awesome. She used to be on a roller derby team so shes pretty much a pro.
After we skated for about an hour straight I got thristy so I went to get a drink. I was waiting in line minding my own business & found myself being recognized by some of the little girl I got to minister to on wednesday night. It was so cool. I felt cool.

I think the whole reasoning behind running into these girls was for them to know that when u serve God, u can still have fun. Does that make sense? Hope so.


5. I give myself high fives & pats on the back. Regularlly.
4. I feel weird posting pictures of myself by myself on instagram lol anyone else feel that way?
3. I like wearing ankle bracelets.
2. I would rather eat, sitting on a pillow on my floor in my room. o_O
1. Im a media director and I dont know half of the stuff Im doing with media. o_O call it crazy, i call it God.


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