dear world wide web,

last week was a whirlwind full of emotions and dramatic changes for me.

ah just kidding.

I lost a good friend, Experienced my first field trip for young adults, had meetings, received emails & got sick like deathly sick…lost my voice for like a few hrs no joke! so many intense things happened last wk thats all and all i have to say is thank you. thank you to my friends and family who are praying for me and believe in me. God is faithful, folks. time after time He is always there. always faithful. when my head is up my butt He is kind enough to help me get it out. when I don’t understand why people act the way they do, He reminds me that I am the same way. He’s faithful, dudes.

with that said here are my #followfriday picks:

3. @Relevantpodcast

2. @cassymichelle

1. @steveontheedge


okay so if u have a twitter or instagram you’ve been noticing a few of my post are about my friend, Casey.

If you don’t have one…well you should get one & follow me & laugh laugh laugh!

anyway, Casey, is a friend whom shares the same humor as myself….except it’s much witty-er?

here are a few jokes Casey has shared with me…

what did batman tell robin before getting in the car?

-get in the car!

whats the difference between an eagle & a mole?

-they both live underground-except the eagle.

whats green and has wheels?

-grass, i lied about the wheels.

LOL believe it or not these are not jokes-jokes & yes, i did laugh out loud…alot! LOL

If you want to get to know Casey go check out his youtube channel… http://www.youtube.com/user/caseyjones343/videos

boom boom boom……….now for #secretsunday

3. I would rather have one faithful, truthfully honest, iron sharpening friend than 10,000 folks who only want to be around for the hoop-lah.

2. put on a worship song & I’m gone…and by gone i mean like I just start worshipping me and the only way to get me out of it is by turning it off. lol. does that happen to anyone else?

1. I have a tattoo rhema book.

last but not least… #musicmonday



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