Dear world wide web,

Its so early for me to be blogging but i really need to get this out.

I found out last night My dear friend who went on to be with Jesus last wk, committed suicide. My heart broke. I did not. Could not and will not understand ever how someone anyone can take their own life….im not sure why she did it although i do know it couldve been prevented.
Years ago, my biological father took his life & a childhood best friend did as well. Its the most cruel & upsetting news to me when i find out someone took their own life. I hate it. I hate suicide. So heres my #whywednesday

Why cant the folk who dont deal with suicidal thoughts or tenedices step up & reach out to people?
If u already are, then reach more people.

This question Might upset folks but the #1 cause of depression or any root of a mental disorder is the lack of love from God & man.

So whats up? Are you loving the people all around you today?
If you are, love more people.
If you arent, start now.




Te Amo by Trevor Hall


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