dear world wide web,

today is #musicmonday

although i must recap….

all the way back to

#followfriday, #sillystorysaturday & #secretsunday

I have 3 #followfriday guest…






the nerd who gave me his # b/c my friends asked for it is dating a small, smart Asian girl.

so I was telling a friend about how I feel when I think of Asians….

& this is how I feel…i feel that Asians are way smarter than me and probably way more athletic–i mean they are really  small….and must have really high metabolism so I figured since they can school me in all those things I can school them in my low metabolism. You get it? I hope so….



getting pedicures scare me. i went on saturday with my mom & i kept telling the lady i didnt shave my legs but she didn’t care. that scared me too.




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