April 2010,

I was 20 & had questions

so I typed them out and sent them out to friends all over the states.

here is one of them from a ORU Graduate & is now married in California!

(congrats btw if ur reading this 😉 )

    Lately, I have been asking God, what does a “normal” young adult deal with daily?
    I’m 20 & I haven’t really been super independent, yet everything has just been provided for me.
    My questions are
    1. on a scale of one to ten, how hard was it to “grow up?” -meaning getting a car, apartment/house, legit job
    2. did you have any help from family members?
    3. have you let your guard down?
    4. are you stronger in your faith now compared to being involved in a “youth group?”
    5. are you involved with the young adults at your church?
    6. do you attend church every sunday & wednesday or whenever your church has service?
    7. are you sincerely enjoying life w/Jesus?
    8. what do young adults do on there spare time? (bowling? movies? music shows? art shows? party?)

her response:

1. I would say growing up can be difficult for me its been about a 6, do able but definitely transition. I’ve had to trust the Lord to provide and figure out my identity in Him apart from any person.

2. I did have financial help from my parents. they do pay for my tuition at school, but i do have a part-time job to pay for food, gas and other expenses. I’m grateful to my parents for paying tuition for sure. I do know some people that have worked their way through school and have been able to do it. its all about time management and diligence.

3. Letting my guard down: Well, i have been blessed to have a few friends that I have been able to let my guard down with, even so, my experience during undergrad has taught me so much about relationships. There are some that are one-way and relying on those friends has been detrimental, but then there are a few that will probably be life-long friends for me. Building trust can take awhile, but its worth it. As far as with me personally letting my guard down with my faith and such, I definitely spend time with the Lord and without that closeness to Him, I wouldn’t have been able to get through. This time is the “getting to where you’re going” and every decision is important, its so crucial to clear your mind of distractions and really decide what you value and make decisions based on that. Its been a great time to be able to learn to take care of myself and the importance of that, if you don’t you won’t be able to fulfill the calling that He has on your life. (i hope that makes sense) 🙂

4. absolutely. during this time in my life, I have really developed my own faith in Christ. My faith has been tested and i have grown deeper in my understanding of the Lord. It is more of a broad perspective. Instead of believing God for finances or a job or material things that are temporary, I am able to shift my perspective and desire the things the Lord desires. I know that my hope can only be found in Him, not on circumstances, relationships, or financial stability. He is consistent even when everything around me is not. that is where my peace come from, thats where my stability comes from and i know no matter what happens, i’ll make it. and because my faith has become practical almost, it is much easier for me to share my faith without using necessarily “christian terms”. I understand why I need the Lord, its for so much more than material provision.

5. right now, i am not I do attend church, but I am highly involved at school in leadership and worship so I don’t have a ton of time to be involved at a local church, but i probably will after I graduate.

6. I attend church on Sundays only. My school has had chapel twice a week and i’ve gotten really busy with school and the worship department. but once i graduate i’m sure i will attend mid-week services.

7. i am definitely enjoying life with Jesus. I have never felt closer to the Lord. When you are alone and things are so uncertain, it is then when I learned to draw closer to HIm for peace and clarity and take that time to understand the heart of God for me. I have great friends and life has been fun.

8. In my experience here, we watch movies, have worship times at friends houses, go out to eat, go to coffee, the mall, local music shows, concerts, sometimes bowling.

this is real life folks. i really did ask those questions. some of them are silly now that i look back at it but i was so serious. i didn’t know what folks did after high school much less after bible school. in all seriousness if you are about to graduate or just graduated from bible school take into consideration that you don’t know everything and its okay to ask questions. serious brah.




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